A Day in Wynwood, Miami

a day at Wynwood

South Florida has always been a diverse area as long as I can remember. You want Cuban food? You got it. How about endless choices of art galleries to stroll through on a Saturday? Too many to count. Care for a drink on a rooftop bar? Walk in any direction and your wish shall be granted. When it comes to world travel, Miami encompasses many aspects of foreign destinations. If you have limited amount of time, spending a day in Wynwood, Miami should be on your to-do list.

Visiting the place where I spent my entire childhood makes me feel like a total foreigner. Some things are as I remember, but not many.

Growing up in Weston, I was just far enough from Miami and Fort Lauderdale to not venture out nearly as much as I wish I did looking back.

But now as a post-21 year old and paying a visit to dear friends who reside near hot spots of the Grove and Wynwood, I got a whole new look at what used to be my backyard in Miami.

The problem with all of these amazing Miami neighborhoods and things to see is that it’s impossible to do it all in just a day, even a weekend.

I had exactly one day and night to get a glimpse of all the cool things this place has to offer. If you have more time and are looking for recommendations regarding food and drink, check out these 6 places to eat and drink in Miami.

Whether you’re in the area for a vacation and luckily have longer than I did, or if you’re a Floridian looking for a weekend getaway, here are the cool places to spend time at when you only have a day in Wynwood, Miami:

1. Wynwood Walls

It goes without saying that there’s nowhere else like this place. You’re surrounding by breathe-taking murals, with loud meanings and vivid colors. It’s exciting to walk through and marvel at all of the different art on the walls. You can peruse the art galleries nearby as well as grab some coffee within Wynwood Walls. It sort of reminds you of Berlin.

2. Coyo

There are a bunch of small, trendy restaurants to choose from so selecting just one is pretty tough. My friends were big fans of this small taco shop called Coyo, and it was well worth the wait as it almost always has a line out the door (but a quickly moving one). Any two tacos on the menu will be delightful, but be sure to not miss out on their guacamole and chips!

3. Panther Coffee

I had heard of Panther Coffee before, and now I know what all the buzz is about. With a cool, industrial atmosphere the coffee shop is a great place to take a seat and relax for a few during your day in Wynwood. The perk that stood out to me is that they also serve beer and wine! How awesome! Maybe there are other shops that also serve more than one master but I thought this was a pretty cool trait that I hadn’t seen before.

I am certain there is much more to see than just these 3 places, including boutiques, beer gardens, food trucks, art galleries, and more. But if you only have a couple hours like I did,  these 3 spots won’t let you down!