6 Places to Eat and Drink in Miami

eat and drink in Miami

It’s quite incredible to drive around one of the world’s most renown cities, Miami. Better yet, it’s even better to discover over-the-top amazing places to eat and drink in Miami.

I love the uniqueness of Miami, the good and the bad. Yes, traffic is noteworthy but crisp skyscrapers line the sunny skyline. Palm trees stretch upwards, scattered all around. You can be a beach bum the same day you’re a city slicker.

palm trees on the beach in Miami

I grew up near this huge city, about an hour north. I’d only visit when my high school friends and I would go see a professional orchestra come through on tour, or one of our favorite emo bands, back in the day.

Needless to say, visiting home as a tourist is exhilarating since it all feels completely new.
There’s so much vibrancy and culture in Miami.

exploring Wynwood in Miami

Winding through the trendy Wynwood Walls art district, going downtown, and exploring neighborhoods like Coconut Grove is where you would have found me on my most recent visit to Miami.


Wynwood walls in Miami
My last post on Miami was all about things to do over a weekend visit. This time, our mission was to tour by cuisine.

These 6 places to eat and drink in Miami stood out, and are musts for your next Miami trip if you love trying new and unique dining:

In Coconut Grove

Peacock Garden

Peacock Cafe eat and drink in Miami

Who doesn’t love a boozy brunch? The mason jar mimosas are the second thing that catch your eye, next to the extravagant tropical plants surrounding the outdoor seating area. The drinks are quite large and they have many options for flavors.

The pastries served at Peacock Garden melt in your mouth. We had the fig and pecan bread for the table and no one could keep their hands off of it. French toast is a favorite there, and rightfully so. Between the ambiance and perfect weather in south Florida that day, it was a great place to enjoy breakfast in Coconut Grove.

Bombay Darbar

Rated as one of the top Indian restaurants in Miami, Bombay Darbar will not disappoint. I can say it’s the best Indian cuisine I’ve ever had, hands down.

It’s very close to Cocowalk, and has an intimate vibe as the lights are dim and upbeat music plays at a low volume in the background.
The samosas, garlic butter chicken, chana masala, and chicken tikka masala were all shared and enjoyed at our table. Bombay Darbar is a regular staple of my friends who live in the Grove, as they said they dine there almost weekly.

In Wynwood

J. Wakefield Brewery

J wakefield brewing in Miami to drink

It’s obvious when you approach this brewery that you’re in for a treat. A line was weaving down the sidewalk on the Saturday afternoon I stopped by for a beer, as they were coming out with what looked to be a highly anticipated sour beer.

I figured it’d be a good idea to try one of their sours since that style seemed to be one of Wakefield’s specialties. It was awesome, and so was the space itself with funky artwork on the walls that matched with their Star Wars decor.

Concrete Beach Brewery

concrete brewery eat and drink in Miami
This brewery’s space felt wide open with tall ceilings and a joint indoor-outdoor seating area. They also had games galore; I’ve never been so on edge when playing Jenga, it was a nail-biter.
Flights are the way to go to be able to experience all of their tasty suds. If you like what you try, there’s a wall of sweet souvenirs you can snatch up if you want to remember your experience here.

concrete brewery to eat and drink in Miami

Downtown Miami


Mignionette to eat and drink in Miami

A healthy balance of chic and casual, Mignonette seemed to be a French-inspired spot near the Adrienne Arscht Center, where we were seeing the Cleveland Orchestra that night. I actually thought it was a fancy place based on Yelp’s reviews and upon arrival, as it’s atmosphere is chic and simple, but then on their wall was a menu with a description that read, “f$@&in’ fancy”, and figured maybe it was a little more relaxed than its looks led on!

Seafood is evidently a specialty, as their menu offered a variety of simply styled fish entrees, as well as items like oysters and fancy-people things like caviar.

I love simply cooked fish, so in a place like Miami this restaurant was lovely.

Le Tub

Le Tub to eat and drink in Hollywood Beach

This is cheating a little bit since Le Tub is in Hollywood Beach, not Miami, but it’s so good I had to highlight it. It’s a name well known on the streets in south Florida, no matter where you are.

Le Tub restaurant in Hollywood Beach

Le Tub is famous for its burgers. There’s only one burger on the menu, and it’s the only option needed as it is totally classic and massive.
The restaurant is right on the water and is the best place in my opinion in this area to grab a beer and burger, especially over the summer. However, be warned that although you can almost always find a seat, there’s usually between a 45-minute and an hour and a half of a wait for your food to cook.

What are your Miami foodie favorites?