Who is Weekend Wander Club?

I’m Andrea, and I am a young professional who loves to travel. There are plenty of blogs out there that speak to quitting that 8-5pm job you’ve been unhappy with for years, packing up your life in a backpack, and heading out with a one-way flight across the world, not knowing where your next destination is. That sounds super exciting! But, I do love having a career, and travel is my passion and why I work so hard at my day job. This blog serves as a resource for all of you young professionals who want more travel in their life but who also desire to maintain a career and balance it all.

We don’t get a whole lot of time off in the early years of our careers, so I also hope to provide useful information and strategy on how to capitalize on big trips during small time frames.

How do you travel so much?

My husband, Luke, and I prioritize travel. It’s what we choose to do together with our time off from work and our financial resources (instead of shopping, buying a lot for our home, eating out, etc. – we still have bills and save!). Once you acknowledge that you want to take a big trip, or any trip at all, the next thing to do is make it happen.

We cut back on our spending where we can (you’ll be surprised how much you can once you take a closer look), and put it towards our next trip, even if it’s not planned at all. Once you pick a destination and choose what you’d like to do and how long, you’ll get a better idea of how much money you need to actually take the trip.

I like to plan for three big trips a year. They don’t have to be international to be considered “big”, but just somewhere new. I think if you plan that far ahead, you can know how to allot your time off from work and finances well in advance so excuses can’t ruin your plans.

Where should I travel to for my next trip?

This is the hardest question! It all depends on what you like and what your goal is for your trip. Do you want to sightsee, or relax with a drink in hand all hours of the day? That would be a determining question between going to Europe or an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.

Generally speaking, Asia and South America are more affordable than taking a trip in Europe and sometimes even less pricey than traveling in the states. Camping is another way to get more out of less.

Europe is great for history buffs, art fanatics, foodies, and active travelers since there is a lot of mobility if you are visiting multiple destinations (which you easily can over there!).

I would recommend going to Asia for someone who has at least three weeks to spend on their trip, as it takes a long time to actually arrive there from the western hemisphere. Those of you in the EU have it easier, and maybe would only need two weeks.

To go to Asia as a westerner, you should have a mindset of a learning – everything is done differently than what you are used to. There are some cultural aspects you may relate to, but 75% of it will be unlike anything you’ve encountered. I loved our time living in Asia (three months in 2014) but you must expect to be out of your comfort zone.

I haven’t done nearly as much of South America as I’d like to just yet (on our radar for 2018!) but after traveling to Chile, it was moderately expensive and had similar historical elements to a place you’d see in Europe. Stay tuned for more insight there.

There’s plenty of places I haven’t explored yet – Canada, the Middle East, Africa, and much more – but hope to get to eventually! But most of the time when we plan our next trip, it’s about what’s easiest to get to, not about a specific destination. We love traveling for the sake of new experiences and learning about other parts of the world.

What’s the most cost efficient place you’ve ever been?

Asia, for sure. I went there for three months to live with under $1,000 to my name and was just fine. It’s a lot cheaper, especially in countries like Thailand, to eat out and and just get around.

Where have you traveled?

I’ve been to:

What do you use to run your blog?

WordPress.org and I host it on Host Gator.

What should I pack for my next trip?

And how do I pack lightly for any time of the year?

For a comfortable, long flight?

In your carry-on?


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