About the Weekend Wander Club

Welcome to the Weekend Wander Club

Want to travel more? Join the club. The Weekend Wander Club, that is.

About the Weekend Wander Club

My name is Andrea, the author of this blog, and I want to make taking big trips with little amounts of time more feasible for all of us. This blog exists not to tell you to quit your job in order to travel the world, but rather to show you how to fit in the adventures of a lifetime while also juggling your other responsibilities as a young professional.

I did not grow up traveling to big and grand places. My parents were both born in other countries and grew up abroad, so hearing about other destinations, in addition to growing up in one of the most diverse places in the country in south Florida, nurtured a healthy craving to see this world for myself from a young age.

The first thing I did once I went away to college at Florida State University was get my first passport. I was going to be prepared for the first opportunity I had to travel.

However, I quickly observed that you will not explore the world by waiting; it requires strategic planning and action for dreams to become realities.

The best way to do this from my personal experience as a young professional has been to take shorter-term trips, 10 days or less. That way you can still get out there and experience new places, meet amazing people that live a totally different lifestyle from your daily grind, and grow as a person all while maintaining a career, be in graduate school, or pursue whichever other responsibilities you have in your daily life.

Yes, you can absolutely do both, but it takes a willingness to do the unconventional to make things work, patience to plan, and most of all, the ability to be flexible.

Does this sound crazy? Well, I’m here to help! My husband, Luke, and I have lived this lifestyle since we met, so I have plenty of tips, tricks, and recommendations to share.

Though we have both spent extensive time periods living in destinations all over, this blog speaks to mastering the art of short getaways. As young professionals starting out in our careers, we can’t necessarily backpack for months on end (though I do include posts/things to know for living abroad from our past experience, too).

But what we can do is add on a few extra days to a work trip to get to know an area, and take up every opportunity to jetset even if it’s for only a long weekend.

Maybe it sounds crazy to have to take a red-eye flight back home to make it into the office the next day. Yes, I’ll be tired – but so what? If it’s at the expense of seeing the world, I’d rather order an extra shot of espresso in our coffee, and hope we inspire you to do the same.

Welcome to the Weekend Wander Club. I’m happy you love traveling and want to do more of it, and can’t wait for you to get inspired and empowered to go places you never dreamed of going.

About the Weekend Wander Club