The Secret to Neat + Light Packing: Well Traveled’s Packing Cubes

When you travel for more than a couple days, your suitcase that you so carefully packed quickly looks like somebody dumped it all out and threw it back in. Yay.

It’s also hard to compartmentalize your things in one bag. It’s frustrating when I’m looking for one specific pair of socks, or if my jewelry gets scattered in the dark abyss of my suitcase.

In the same regard, when you are trying to pack light, every single inch of space matters. Luke and I have spent hours packing and unpacking, like when we wanted to go to China for 3 months with just a carry on and backpack.

That’s one of the most common questions I get when someone reaches out for travel help is how to pack light, and strategically.

Thankfully, Scott Bright of Well Traveled came up with the perfect solution for staying organized on the road AND for packing light: Compression Packing Cubes.

Scott was inspired to create these quality packing cubes after traveling through Southeast Asia and desperately wanted to find a better way to pack his backpack, to both save space and stay organized.

Well Traveled is a brand for travelers and explorers, and creators of durable, lightweight, and water resistant packing cubes. They feature really sweet artwork that is inspired by their own travels, including snow covered mountains, dusk in the desert, and sunrises over a calm ocean.

The Well Traveled team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and international adventurers headquartered in Colorado.

After Well Traveled sent me their packing cubes to try, here’s what I think:

They’re High-Quality + Durable

There’s a lot of packing solutions out there, and we’ve tried plenty. You can immediately tell the difference with these packing cubes because of their material and zipper. They are very durable, and can handle quick and dirty packing.

Successfully Separate Your Items

I know this sounds like a given, but is just REALLY nice to know exactly where I’m going to find something in my backpack or suitcase.

When we’ve been traveling lately, I’ve been bringing active clothes to go running since I have a half marathon approaching soon. Of course, I don’t really want to mix my post-run clothes back in with everything else. It’s great to able to store dirty clothes separate from clean, and to stick sandy hiking shoes in their own compartment instead of dirtying up my whole suitcase.

Love the Three Different Sizes

Its very obvious that the sizes were very well thought out for the packing cubes. I have so many small items that I want to pack but don’t necessarily have their own space in my backpack. These packing cubes solve that issue and allow more efficiency for staying organized throughout my entire trip.

I’ve used the small one for a carry on while traveling on a flight, and put in items like my kindle, headphones, eye mask, and small scarf to be able to quickly pull it out of my luggage once I get on the flight.

I hate holding up the boarding line to take a minute to grab various things from my carry on, so now I don’t have to cringe while getting glared at since it takes two seconds to grab my packing cube filled with my in-flight necessities.

The large packing cube is 15.7″ x 11.2″, medium is 13.8″x9.8″, and the small one is 11.8″x8.5″.

Try out Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes yourself!

Though they were graciously sent to me for free, all opinions are my own!