5 Great Places to Eat in Martha’s Vineyard

5 great places to eat in martha's vineyard

There are few places that are better suited for a romantic getaway than Martha’s Vineyard, the gorgeous island off of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts was a state I had not yet experienced. I’ve only been to New England once before three years ago for a weekend, but the memories of beautiful stone walls that line the roads and incredible weather did not fade at all. It was just how I remembered it.

martha's vineyard new england

Martha’s Vineyard is a dream for the Vineyard Vines lover; it’s preppy, upscale, and nautical. It was such a different beach town scene than I’m used to in Florida! Especially considering it’s the middle of the summer and the evening temperatures were in the 50’s every night.

bay in martha's vineyard
downtown oak bluffs

To get there, you have to take a ferry in a port in Cape Cod – another place that’s also easy on the eyes – and pay $17 for a ticket to the island. You’ll arrive 30 minutes later, and hope and pray there are some Ubers available. If not, a cab is your next best bet. Cape Cod is about an hour and a half from Boston, and a solid four and a half hours from New York City.

The area is bigger than you think, with 100 square miles and six cities. We visited three – Oak Bluffs (not OakS Bluff, interestingly enough), Tisburry, and Edgartown.

edgartown in martha's vineyard

Bed & Breakfasts are easy to come across. They are absolutely stunning, especially the ones lining the oceanfront. Costs can be pretty steep. Airbnb rentals are plentiful if you want more flexibility with the area you stay in at a lower cost. We stayed in Oak Bluffs and were able to walk to the downtown area with tons of cute shops and delicious restaurants.

The best thing we did in Martha’s Vineyard is eat. The food was unreal. I knew lobster was a big thing up north, but there was a whole lot more to the options than I thought! The food seriously rivals the best I’ve ever had, including dine in places like Portland and in the islands of Thailand. Martha’s Vineyard is an amazing place to relax and enjoy for the foodie pair.

Here are 5 great places to eat in Martha’s Vineyard on a romantic getaway.

1. Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company

5 great places to eat in martha's vineyard
Take a seat at a high top outside on the patio overlooking one of the busy areas of downtown Oak Bluffs, or partake indoors, where you’ll find some dim lights, nautical decor, and sports games playing on TV.

After looking at the menu for just a few seconds, you know exactly what to do – get the chowder. It’s in huge font that it’s the best in the area with a laundry list of awards next to its listing. Creamy, flavorful, and decadent, this chowder will not let you down.

2. Bad Martha’s Brewery

bad martha's brewery

You can walk right past Bad Martha’s Brewery and have no idea. That’s because it looks like some sort of garden. There are delicate and colorful blooms all over a barn, with big barrels that serve as tables and yard games to play. Walk inside and you’ll see the brewery, as well as the legend of Bad Martha.

bad martha's vineyard

A sailor swore he saw a mermaid out in the ocean one late night, and the farther out he went towards her, the more distant she became. She led him to grapes, which would have been great were he a man who made wine, but he made beer. However, he felt it was a sign and grapes later became his ingredient to making his beer so special.

bad martha's brewery

You can find Bad Martha’s delicious beer at restaurants all over the island.

3. Backdoor Donuts

places to eat in Martha's Vineyard back door donuts

I have a rule with donuts: eat one a year. They are too good, too dangerous, for me to have any more than that. Though I traveled to Destin, home of Donut Hole, and Portland, home of countless gourmet donut shops, I saved my annual donut for this place.

back door donuts martha's vineyard places to eat

Backdoor Donuts is special. They sell apple fritters the size of your head. They also open up in the evenings and you can expect to see at least a 30 minute wait. Be warned, it’s cash only. They have old fashioned donuts and cake donuts. You really can’t go wrong. It was the best donut I have ever had, hands down.

4. Lookout

great places to eat in martha's vineyard lookout
This restaurant is in downtown Oak Bluffs and is right on the waterfront of the beach. It has a beautiful view, and a really nice deck out front to soak it all in. We enjoyed some cocktails and seafood. The lobster rolls there were the best ones we experienced in Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s a great pick for a romantic dinner. Lookout has a beautiful spot on the shore, but is affordable for the quality of food and drink you find there.

5. 20by9

places to eat in martha's vineyard 20by9

This is a place for the lover of charcuterie. This bourbon bar and restaurant features items that have descriptions like “blistered” and “preserved”. The vibe is chic and cool. I kind of forgot where we were for a little while since it felt like an undiscovered gem in New York City.

great places to eat in martha's vineyard 20by9

Delicious cocktails, dips, and spreads are 20by9’s specialties. It is a must-see for those who enjoy the fine things in life.